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It was a delight for me to review the outstanding work done by Environment and Social Research Organization. The organization has in a time of just four years made major strides by adopting a very innovative model of youth-Adult partnership and working with a number of schools. Preserving our air quality and water resources is a difficult task. Involving youth in them to carry the message is a very forward looking approach. Social issues are best addressed by an inclusive approach of participation and active involvement of all segments of the society. The organization has done well to have this participatory approach.
A successful assessment of this work has been done by the Child Development department of Humboldt State University, CA. It has indicated many major benefits accruing to the stakeholders who participated in the programme.
My heartiest congratulations for the strong work commitment shown by the ESRO team and all its members Continue Reading

B.K. Chaturvedi Former Cabinet Secretary and Member Planning Commission 01/03/2017

I appreciate ESRO team for its efforts in spreading awareness for water conservation especially among the youth. I have personally seen their commitment, diligence and integrity during my programmes for the Hindon Rejuvenation. Continue Reading

Sh. Rajender Singh Waterman of India, Winner of Stockholm Water Prize 01/03/2017

I learned about the Environmental and Social Research Organization (ESRO) from Dr. Meenal Rana, Assistant Professor in the department of Child Development at Humboldt State University (HSU) in Northern California. Meenal has been working on a Youth-Adult Partnerships project with the ESRO that works in rural communities of Northern India. This collaborative effort is engaging school youth in their communities around social and environmental issues. Continue Reading

Gail Dube Retired History and English Teacher and Principal, Mattole Unified School District, Northern California 01/03/2017

A few organizations work so vigorously as ESRO with such scanty resources. The way it connects with the youth especially of rural areas is exemplary. Its efforts on water conservation have already started bearing fruits. Continue Reading

Dr. A.P. Singh Adviser, Water Mission, Govt. of India 02/03/2017

Wilfred Peterson once said, “Walk with the dreamers, the believers, the courageous, the cheerful, the planners, the doers, the successful people with their heads in the clouds and their feet on the ground”. I started working with the ESRO team (Environmental and Social Research Organization) in summer 2014. In this collaboration I am working with some very energetic, enthusiastic, selfless, grounded people like ESRO members. The organization has been doing excellent grassroots level work in social and environmental justice issues in North part of India. The ESRO team serves as positive role models for youth in schools and engages them in their communities. The team members provide dynamic leadership, constant engagement, ardent support to local schools and youth to get involved in community development work. The team is engaged selflessly in the teaching us the importance of our natural resources and how they are limited. I am very excited to be just a small part of this effort. Congratulations, ESRO team, for your hard work! Continue Reading

Dr. Meenal Rana Assistant Professor Child Development Humboldt State University Arcata, CA 95521 03/03/2017

Child development is an issue which is not given enough importance in rural areas. ESRO deserves appreciation for working on child development and education in small towns and villages. It’s approach is highly professional and motive is divine. Continue Reading

Alka Tomar President, Centre for Youth 05/03/2017

I know ESRO as an organization working truly on the ground level with extreme transparency. It conducts hundreds of programmes on water conservation in schools, colleges and villages. The outcome of ESRO’s awareness programmes is conspicuous. Continue Reading

Sh. Krishnpal Singh Winner Seven sarokar of Jagran 2015 08/03/2017