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Mission and Goals

We are a youth oriented organization. We collaborate with young people from schools and colleges/university to fulfil our organization’s overall mission in contributing towards minimizing human suffering, maximizing their reach towards education, and bringing awareness on environmental issues, to bring in holism in their lives.

More specifically, we work towards the following goals.

  • Environment Conservation Awareness Programs: We work with school and university/college youth in engaging families, schools, and communities in environmental issues such as climate change, water conservation, and waste management.


  • Skill Development in Youth: We organize computer literacy and career counseling workshops for the community youth; by participating in our programs, the youth also reported improved communication skills and confidence, increased school engagement and awareness of environmental issues (see the report by Rana & Phelps, 2019). We create many opportunities for personality development, sanitation and hygiene learning, and character development. We have recently started an art column, called, Bachho ki kalam se, a way for youth to express through art.


  • Children’s right to Free Education: Our organization provides 3-4 need based scholarships each year to support students’ education.


  • Rural Women Awareness-cum-Empowerment Programs: We engage young college girls to help us facilitate various workshops for rural women to promote various skill sets such as sewing, candle making, and marketing their skills for profit. We also share our vision of their role in promoting environmental awareness among their families.


  • Gender Equity: We consciously engage many girls in our program when we select our youth to create awareness programs. By believing in our youth’s abilities in creating change, we empower the young women engaged in our program. “Beti bachao beto padhao” (Save girl child, educate girl child) is one of our central campaigns.


  • Awareness Programs for Organic Farming: We intentionally engage farmers in the area in conversations about moving away from pesticides, insecticides, and GMOs. We have held various workshops and training on organic farming.


  • Medical Camps: Occasionally we organize various free health checkup camps such as dental, eye health, and prenatal health.