ESRO is working with CUTS INTERNATIONAL in North Delhi and North Delhi NCR area on “Community sharing”- project under GREEN ACTION WEEK (GWA) India 2019 campaign from last two years, which is funded by Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SSNC).

The aim of the Green Action Week Fund India is to make a valuable contribution towards advancing sustainable development and reducing poverty, by promoting worldwide awareness and advocacy activities, which encourage sustainable patterns of consumption.

Objectives of this Project

· To create awareness among the community peoples to follow the 3R concept for optimum utilisation of things and how we can involve to conserve our natural resources and protect to Environment for our better future and Next generation.

· To Develop Community Sharing Centres and initiate and implement social and community development activities through natural and available resources conservation among community among all section of society.

·  To build up behaviour potential of the community by creating participatory development and working towards sustainable development